Omelette with spinach and feta

Sunday morning, eyes very puffy, actually too early again for everything. But family Sunday starts early. Hmph. Put the coffee water on and the refrigerator door open. Eggs, feta, fresh spinach (the one from the Isemarkt) found and thus delicious slow carb breakfast built. A GOOD start to the day - something reconciled with the world. Maybe this Sunday will be something friendly.

For 3 who have made a good start to the day:

6 eggs with salt and pepper (nostalgics take even maggi ) and 1 dash of milk .

Finely cut 1 onion and fry in 1 tablespoon of olive oil in a pan
Add 2 hands of washed, drizzled spinach and let them fall together. Season with salt , pepper and 1 small pinch of chili .

Pour the eggs and spread evenly by panning the pan.

1/2 packet feta ​​strong> (from 100% sheep's milk) crumble over it. With a little patience, let the omelette falter on a low heat.

Now comes the part that may be a bit heavy in the early morning or after a hard night: Carefully slide the omelet onto a large plate, the pan turn it over and put it on the plate, then turn it all over again with a courageous SLIP. Keep the omelette on the liquid side for a few minutes. (If the omelette does not quite stick out when you turn it, just push the pieces back together and pretend it's nothing.) This will bake again.)

Serve with strong coffee and the morning will show up directly from its better ones Page.